Cristina's Law: anything that can go wrong, will go wrong...guaranteed; like Murphey's Law to the next degree!

So I was trying to think of a great name for my blog. I wanted it to be quirky and creative and yet still have meaning. I wanted it to be short but still sum up who I am. After sitting at my computer for a good 30 minutes, I was having serious writers block. So I asked my husband if he had any ideas what I should name my blog. After sitting there for a bit my husband came up with THE perfect name; Cristina's Law.

Now, if you knew me you'd know I have my fair share of "Murphey's Law." I run into so many instances of this with my husband we started calling it Cristina's Law. Anything from just plain forgetfulness to major embarassing moments - I've been there! As soon as he mentioned Cristina's Law as a blog name I knew it'd be perfect!